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Access to Data: Notaries A-Z spreadsheet

The Faculty Office provides an interactive search function on our website to members of the public, businesses, and other potential clients of a notary, under ‘Find a Notary’.

In accordance with our commitment to the Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel, and in common with other legal regulators, the Faculty Office is now making available (in a spreadsheet format) its data of currently practising notaries. The intention is that the data will be able to be used by organisations such as providers of marketing and comparison websites, to improve access and enable greater choice for users of the legal sector.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking on this link. An updated version of the spreadsheet will appear from time to time. The date contained therein is believed to be accurate as at 1st March 2016. This spreadsheet is provided for ease of reference but does not form part of the official roll of notaries currently practising. The Faculty Office accepts no liability for any errors or omissions.

The Faculty Office takes no responsibility for the way any third party uses this data, nor for any inaccuracies or omissions that occur where the data is used by that third party.

Any enquiries about the up-to-date status of a notary can be directed to