Category: Regulation changes (for clergy)

Updated marriage law guidance for the clergy has been issued by the Faculty Office

A Third Supplement to the Guidance for the Clergy (the “Yellow Book”) from the Faculty Office has now been issued. This Supplement is intended to be read alongside the 3rd edition of the Faculty Office marriage guide booklet published in 2010. It provides an important update to those areas where there have been changes in […]

Changes to the requirements for EEA Nationals to marry in the UK from 1st July 2021

Following the UK’s exit from the EU and the end of the transition period on the 31st December 2020, EU free movement ended meaning that EEA citizens and their family members will require permission to enter and remain in the UK.   What do the changes mean for Anglican weddings? Any wedding taking place in the CofE/CiW […]

Weddings in England during Lockdown II

(from 5th November until (at least) 2nd December) FACULTY OFFICE Weddings in England during Lockdown II (from 5th November until (at least) 2nd December) Following the Prime Minister’s statement on Saturday evening and his statement to the House of Commons on Monday, weddings will not be able to take place until the restrictions are lifted save […]

Updated guidance for the clergy on marriage law

The sixth issue of the General Register Office’s Clergy Newsletter is available to read, along with earlier editions: new edition of the ‘Guidebook for the Clergy’ is now available: This is an important update because it takes account of the changes in the law brought about by the Immigration Act 2014. In particular, the flow-chart in Appendix […]

Changes to the law for non-European nationals wishing to marry in the Church of England

Please be aware of the implications of the Immigration Act 2014 on marriages in the Church of England. From 2nd March 2015, it is no longer lawful for the marriage of a non-EEA (i.e. non-European) national to be solemnized in the Church of England after the publication of banns or by a common marriage licence […]

Publication of banns of marriage

Changes to the law of the publication of banns of marriage came into effect on 19 December 2012. This relates to the wording used and the service(s) at which banns may be published: 1.  The Measure provides statutory authority for the use of the form of words for the publication of banns contained in Common […]