Category: Regulation changes (for notaries)

Criminal Record Checks – Guidance

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 provides a list of certain professions and employment that are excepted from the application of the 1974 Act for which complete knowledge about a person’s background is required for the protection of the pubic. Since 2023 the profession of notaries has been an excepted profession which […]

Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules resources

Guidance on the changes: this document outlines the key changes to the LeO’s Scheme Rules and includes suggested wording for service providers to use in their client care letters- both before and after the changes have gone live. Scheme Rules FAQs: this FAQ document is an updated version of the existing Scheme Rules FAQs but […]

Continuing Professional Education Requirement 2022

Under the Notaries (Required Continuing Professional Education)(Anti-Money Laundering Training) Order 2022 at least one of the credit points required to be obtained by each notary, whether as part of the basic or special continuing professional education requirement, must be obtained in the subject of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing applicable to the United Kingdom.

New Rules on Continuing Professional Education

The following rule changes came into effect from 1st of January 2022: 1. The Notaries (Continuing Professional Education) Regulations 2021 (introduction of Regulation 15) 2. Amendments to the Notaries (Post-Admission Supervision and Training) Rules 2019 (further requirement under Regulation 11(1A)) Impact on the profession These changes provide the Master with discretionary powers: to require a […]

Continuing to regulate the notarial profession – remote hearings

A physical hearing with all parties being present in the same place is the preferred method of holding disciplinary hearings where it is safe and appropriate to do so. However, to manage the risk to the public and avoid undue delay during the Covid-19 pandemic we have introduced interim amendments to the Notaries (Conduct and […]

Notaries Enforcement Guidance

The Faculty Office has issued guidance setting out how it exercises discretion in dealing with deficiencies when carrying out risk assessments. The guidance seeks to promote consistency, transparency and fairness in our administrative and enforcement processes and provides a basis for our decision making.

Notaries Practice Rules 2019

New Notaries Practice Rules 2019 were made on 3rdSeptember came into force on the 2nd December 2019.  These bring in changes designed to provide enhanced transparency around costs, services and redress/complaints information following the recommendations made by the CMA in their report on competition in the legal sector in late 2016.  The Rules set out the information […]