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9Priorities for 2020: The Master of the Faculties has set a number of priorities which he requires the Faculty Office to focus on for the current year – download here: Faculty Office Priorities for 2020.

Further information on the Master’s priorities may be found in the minutes of the Master’s Annual Notarial Forum published here.


10Annual Report: The Registrar of Faculty Office provides an annual report on its work as regulator of the Notarial Profession:  Registrars Annual Report. The financial statements referred to in the report may be viewed here.


11. Master’s address to the Notaries Society Conference: The Master of the Faculties gives an address to the Annual Conference of the Notaries Society about the profession and the Faculty Office. In September 2019 the Master’s address has once again taken the form of a written report provided to delegates in advance and upon which the Master, Registrar and Chief Clerk of the Faculty Office took questions at the Conference. A copy of the report is available to read here: Master’s Address to The Notaries Society Annual Conference 2019

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