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2. Governance of the Faculty Office as Regulator

The Master meets regularly with the senior staff of the Faculty Office to discuss regulatory matters.  A note of the decisions taken is published here

The Master has two boards which, whilst not having an executive function, nevertheless assist him and the Faculty Office in their regulatory role. The Boards set and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of their remit.

Read more about the work of theSenior Staff and Boards, and view minutes of their meetings and associated papers here:

Transparency: Senior Staff, Qualifications and Advisory Boards, and KPIs

External Oversight of the Faculty Office

The Faculty Office is itself governed by the Legal Services Board and is subject to other governmental and statutory oversight from time to time. Recent documentation on these matters can be found here:

In December the Legal Services Board completed the latest round of its Regulatory Performance reporting which measures the Approved Regulators’ progress against 26 individual measures under five categories.  This can be accessed here and the response of the Faculty office outlining its planned actions can be accessed here

Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation

Registrar’s response to Consultation


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