Accredited webinars under the Notaries (CPE) Regulation –

Iain Rogers has drawn our attention to these free webinars which look likely to be very helpful to notaries wishing to understand the application of the EU Succession Regulation and he is sure that the panellists will be looking at matters involving third countries such as the UK.

They have been accredited under the Notaries (CPE) Regulations 2021 with two CPE points each. Attendance is free of charge. A ZOOM link will be sent to those who register by sending an e-mail to

For more information click on: ELI Webinar Series on the Application of the EU Succession Regulation in the Member States

Another useful webinar of direct relevance to notarial practice is the Vulnerable adults: webinar. This is in response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the need for improved EU cooperation in the field of the protection of adults, in conjunction with the Hague Convention of 2000.

What Measures Should the EU Adopt to Enhance the Protection of Adults in Europe?” is on 10 March from 17 to 19.00 Central European Time (GMT +1). You can register until 9 March.