Who we are

The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (to use the full title) has three functions which are described in this website:


The Faculty Office is presided over by the Master of the Faculties. Its day to day administration is the responsibility of the Registrar, Howard Dellar and Deputy Registrar, Ian Blaney, and is undertaken by the Chief Clerk, Neil Turpin. 

What we do

The functions of the Faculty Office extend to both England and Wales (and, in the case of Notaries, further afield). 

The Faculty Office is located in premises used by commercial agreement with Lee Bolton Monier-Williams (Solicitors) at 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster

The staff includes a number of people who have additional (non-Faculty Office) responsibilities for Diocesan Registries. Their details can be found on this website under the link ‘Our People’.

Please note that enquiries about Notaries and Special Licences should be sent to the Registrar of the Faculty Office rather than to the Archbishop.