The process for qualification is set out in the Notaries (Qualification) Rules 2017.

The Notarial Practice Course is a two-year distance learning course, run on the Faculty Office’s behalf by an academic provider, to train candidates in Notarial Practice. The academic provider for the Notarial Practice Course is  University College London (UCL)

The following pages describe the academic and professional knowledge and skills which are required, how to apply for admission and the arrangements for post qualification supervision.

In order to apply for training and qualification, and apply for a Certificate of Exemption from the Academic stage of training and to receive the Practicing Certificate, please download an information pack, which gives full information on the qualification requirements and appointment procedures.

More information on the qualification requirements is also available on the Notaries Society website.

The Notaries Society has published two useful leaflets on becoming a notary, intended for law graduates and for legal practitioners: