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Guidance for the Clergy

The booklet ‘Anglican Marriage in England and Wales: a Guide to the Law for the Clergy’ is a comprehensive statement of the law of Anglican marriage. It is available in hard-copy from the Faculty Office at £7.50 each copy (your cheque should be made payable to “The Faculty Office”).

In the summer of 2010, a copy of the booklet was posted out free of charge to every member of the clergy appointed to a parish or cathedral at that time (based on information provided by Diocesan Offices). However, all subsequent copies of the booklet which are sent out must be paid for.

If you wish to purchase a copy, you can request it via the form below, or use the office’s contact details to get in touch.





Supplements to ‘Anglican Marriage in England and Wales: a Guide to the Law for the Clergy’

Two supplements to the 2010 edition have been prepared, to reflect recent changes in the law affecting marriages.

They can both be downloaded from this website, and have been circulated to Diocesan Offices for distribution to parish clergy to supplement the existing published booklet. A hard-copy of the First and Second Supplements will be included with new copies of the booklet purchased from the Faculty Office.

Click here to download the supplements:
First Supplement – July 2013.
Second Supplement – April 2015.


Other sources of guidance for the clergy on marriage law

The website ‘Your Church Wedding’ covers all aspects of a couple’s intended wedding in the Church of England, and was re-launched in November 2015. Another website ( – provided by the Archbishops’ Council) offers resources to clergy on the ‘Occasional Offices’ (Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals). The Weddings section can be found here:



Questions relating to registration of marriages or the Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate procedure should be directed to the General Register Office or the local civil Superintendent Registrar.

The latest edition of the ‘Guidebook for the Clergy’ (previously known as ‘Suggestions for the Guidance of the Clergy with reference to the Marriage and Registration Acts, etc’) is available to download from the government’s website, along with an occasional update newsletter to the Clergy.