Guidance for Clergy

The booklet ‘Anglican Marriage in England and Wales: a Guide to the Law for the Clergy’ is a comprehensive statement of the law of Anglican marriage. It is available in hard-copy from the Faculty Office at £7.50 each copy.

In the summer of 2010, a copy of the booklet was posted out free of charge to every member of the clergy appointed to a parish or cathedral at that time (based on information provided by Diocesan Offices). However, all subsequent copies of the booklet which are sent out must be paid for.

If you wish to purchase a copy, please use the office’s contact details to get in touch. Please state:

  • Number of guides you would like
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone
  • Number
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Your parish and/or position

Special Marriage Licence Portal

Once couples have made an application for a Special Marriage Licence,  the following process needs to be undertaken.

  • The Faculty Office will check the couple’s application.
  • On approval an email will be sent to the supporting minister (as indicated on the application).
  • The Minister can click on the link and create a new password to log in (or, if they already have an account and password, log-in to their account)
  • When the Minister logs in there is a dashboard showing relevant applications (multiple applications will be shown on the dashboard if applicable) and the status of each application will also be shown.
  • The Minister can click on the relevant application and complete the forms. (The forms you will see are generated automatically based upon the answers that the couples have answered.)
  • When all questions are complete you will be allowed to submit to the Faculty Office
  • The couple will also be notified automatically on submission to keep them informed
  • If all is in order, the Faculty Office will then prepare a bespoke Affidavit for one of the couple to swear. This will either be emailed to the couple and the minister before whom the couple have indicated they will swear or the couple will be invited to make an appointment at the Faculty Office to swear their Affidavit (if either of the couple are non-UK/Irish Nationals they must swear their Affidavit at the Faculty Office).
  • The sworn Affidavit must be returned to the Faculty Office before the Special Licence can be issued. The Licence is sent direct to the officiating minister by post approximately 3 weeks before the date of the wedding.