Governance Manual

APPENDIX F. Key performance indicators

The Faculty Office has in place three key performance indicators, which help stakeholders assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the Faculty Office’s work in key areas affecting the notarial profession. Updates and analysis on the performance indicators are produced on an annual basis, and are published on the Faculty Office web site.

A fourth KPI will be introduced in early 2022, addressing the area of diversity in the profession.

The current key performance indicators are:

Timeliness of inspections – this includes the number of inspections, the number of inspections resulting in follow up action and the timeliness of that action.

Timeliness of disciplinary cases – this is a challenging KPI to manage because just one very complex case could skew the KPI data due to the small number of cases handled each year.

Timeliness of admissions – this KPI measures the time taken from application to completion.