Governance Manual

1. Introduction

The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (normally referred to as ‘the Faculty Office’) has a number of discrete and otherwise unrelated responsibilities, set out in more detail in section 2.1 below.

The Faculty Office has four principal officers:

  • The Master of the Faculties
  • The Registrar of the Court of Faculties
  • The Deputy Registrar
  • The Chief Clerk

These four officers are also the Directors of the incorporated body, The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury which is registered as a company limited by guarantee at Companies House in England and Wales with company no. 12221896. The incorporated body is the delivery vehicle for the statutory duties and responsibilities of the Faculty Office.

The Master is registered as the Person with Significant Control to reflect her overriding responsibility for the delivery of the work of the Faculty Office particularly as regards her role as Approved Regulator of the notarial profession in England & Wales pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007.

This governance manual is intended to complement the memorandum and articles of association of the incorporated body and sets out additional policies, procedures and controls applicable to the day to day activities of the Faculty Office, its officers and employees.