Apply for a Special Licence

A couple who know they need a Special Licence should apply as soon as the minister has agreed to conduct the service. Online applications can be made up to 18 months in advance of the proposed wedding date. You should have spoken with, and obtained the support of, the minister in charge of the church where you hope to marry before applying for a Special Licence. Other arrangements should not be made until it has been confirmed that a couple’s application has been approved and a Licence will issue.

Most applications are handled through an online portal and the Faculty Office will send you a separate link for this, together with a personal and secure account. You will need to upload relevant documents and signatures where appropriate. You will be kept informed throughout the process by email and through the online portal. There is a non-returnable fee payable before submitting the application. To start the process, please give your details here (click link).

Where an application involves a non-European national, The couple are required to attend an interview at the Faculty Office in Westminster. If all is in order, the affidavit will be sworn at that same appointment.