There are two stages:

  • The academic
  • The professional 

The academic stage covers:

  • Public and Constitutional Law
  • Law of Property 
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of the European Union
  • Equity and the Law of Torts
  • Conveyancing
  • Law and Practice of Companies and Partnerships
  • Wills Probate and Administration

The Faculty Office does not itself offer any bespoke courses nor has it accredited any particular provider for the academic stage of training. The requisite level of academic knowledge is demonstrated through examinations taken elsewhere or by relevant experience.  


UCL have organised A course open day for 25 November 2023 (from 9am – 1pm) and staff at the Faculty Office will be speaking as part of it. Click here for course details.

The Master’s Qualifications Board considers (taking into account an applicant’s academic legal qualifications and experience in legal practice) whether the candidate has completed the academic stage and a Certificate of Exemption can be issued, or whether additional academic modules need to be studied first.

The Board meets 4 to 5 times a year, and applicants are encouraged to submit their application at the earliest possible opportunity. The application fee is presently £150.

Certain  CILEx Level 6 Units provided by CILEx Law School have been approved by the Qualifications Board as suitable for the purpose of satisfying the Board that the cadidate has a relevant qualification in that subject. 

Other academic providers may be available but you should check with the Faculty Office first to ensure that the module(s) you intend to take will fulfil the Qualifications Board’s requirements.

Once a candidate is in receipt of a Certificate of Exemption they may proceed to the professional stage of training. 

Professional Stage

Before commencing the Notarial Practice Course, applicants must hold a valid Certificate of Exemption issued by the Faculty Office exempting them from all 8 modules which comprise the academic stage of training.

The three modules comprising the Notarial Practice Course are:

  • Roman Law as an Introduction to Modern Civil Law Systems (“Roman Law”): Year 1 – September to January
  • Private International Law: Year 1 – February to May
  • Notarial Practice: Year 2 – September to May

The current total fees for the two-year course are £8,500.

Further information about the Notarial Practice Course is available on the provider’s website

Enquiries about the Notarial Practice Course should be directed to UCL and not the Faculty Office.