The Application for Admission

On successful completion of the Notarial Practice Course applicants should apply to the Faculty Office for appointment by the Master as a notary and admission to the Roll of Notaries.

The application must be made within 2 years of completion of the course.  If an application is “out of time” special provisions apply and the Faculty Office should be contacted first.

The application to the Master of the Faculties should be accompanied by:

  • A Certificate of Fitness (from a notary) 
  • A Certificate of Good Character (from a suitable referee who does not need to be a notary – the Notarial Qualification Rules (Rule 9.3) set out the detailed requirements) 

References from any relevant professional body (such as from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, for solicitor applicants) will be taken up by the Faculty Office.

The application fee presently is £625.

On admission a notary will receive their “Faculty” (licence).