Post Qualification Supervision

Newly-admitted notaries must be supervised by a senior notary (a notary in practice for not less than five years) for the first two years of their practice (and must complete a three-year supervision period if practising conveyancing or probate as a notary).

Newly-admitted notaries must also participate in Post-Admission Education by attending day courses or seminars on Notarial Practice specified by the Faculty Office as follows:

·      Notarial Practice

·      Professional Conduct

·      Bills of Exchange

With further courses required if undertaking conveyancing and/or probate

These requirements are specified in the Notaries (Post-Admission) Rules 2009. 

Before making the formal application for admission, applicants should arrange the services of a supervisor.

The Secretary of the Notaries Society will be able to assist if applicants encounter difficulty in finding a suitable supervisor.