Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules resources

Guidance on the changes: this document outlines the key changes to the LeO’s Scheme Rules and includes suggested wording for service providers to use in their client care letters- both before and after the changes have gone live.

Scheme Rules FAQs: this FAQ document is an updated version of the existing Scheme Rules FAQs but includes information relating to the application of the amended rules. This document is for complaints received on or after 1 April 2023. The document also includes some case studies to illustrate the guidance provided.

Scheme Rules: this page includes both the current Scheme Rules document and the amended Scheme Rules document which applies to complaints received by us from 1 April 2023. Please note the new Scheme Rules document is currently watermarked as ‘not applicable until 1 April 2023’ but this will be removed one the changes have gone live. As the changes are not being applied retrospectively to complaints LeO receives before 1 April, the old Scheme Rules document will remain available for information.

Alongside work to update its Scheme Rules, LeO has also developed a one-page consumer leaflet outlining how and when theyg can help. This is aimed at ensuring that consumers contact LeO at the right time – after a service provider has had a chance to address their complaint. It isn’t mandatory for service providers to use this leaflet. However, it is intended as a simple way for providers to help convey the key information about LeO they are required to in their client care communication.

The leaflet is available to download from LeO’s website in English and Welsh. Service providers are responsible for meeting any additional accessibility needs their individual customers may have.

The Ombudsman has also set up a dedicated email address for enquiries relating to the new Scheme Rules: If service providers have any queries regarding the changes or if they would like to talk to one of the Ombudsman about the application of the new rules they can contact LeO using the email address above and they will be able to provide further information and guidance to assist with the query.