Certificate of Professional Status

A Notary, client of a Notary, or other appropriate person may request the Faculty Office to produce a Certificate of Professional Status or a Certificate of Authentication.

A Certificate of Professional Status will give the name of a particular Notary on the roll of Notaries and confirm his/her professional status.

A Certificate of Authentication, for which there is a fee of £70.00, will give the same particulars as a Certificate of Professional Status but, upon a specific document being produced, the Registrar will additionally certify that the signature on that particular document matches the signature of the Notary in question which is recorded in the Notary’s entry in the roll-book.

These Certificates are usually only needed for countries which are not signatories to the Hague Convention and for which an Apostille is ineffective.

A complete list of Notaries currently authorised to practise in England and Wales is available on request.

Details of any suspensions, any conditions on practice and disciplinary outcomes will appear against the Notary’s name as you search. For further information please contact The Faculty Office. A list of Disciplinary Decisions is available from this link.