Key Performance Indicators

The Master of the Faculties, with the Advisory Board, defines KPIs for the work of the Faculty Office. These are reviewed, added to, and revised as necessary. Publication of the KPIs and the content of reviews and progress of and against them is itself a KPI for the transparent operation of the Office’s work.

Monitoring and evaluation of KPIs

Links to reports and documents

Inspections KPI data sheet 2019

Admissions KPI data sheet 2019

Disciplinary cases KPI data sheet 2019

Admissions KPI data sheet 2020

Disciplinary KPI data sheet 2021 to 2023

Admissions KPI data sheet 2021

Inspections KPI data Sheet 2021 to 2022

KPIs generally provide an accessible way to measure performance. The number of disciplinary cases is low however and cases vary in complexity. Measurement of time taken can only be part of the assessment of performance. The Faculty Office also has a system of case review to identify lessons learned.