Spot Check – Price Information

On 2 December 2019 Rule 14.2 of the Notaries’ Practice Rules 2019 came into force requiring all notaries publicising their practice via a website to ensure that clear information on pricing, redress, service, complaints and regulatory information was available for the public to access on their websites. In advance of this the Faculty Office reviewed a sample of 25 notaries’ websites in the August before the Rule came into force. The Faculty Office then revisited the same websites in March 2020 to determine how many of these websites were compliant. 

The Faculty Office found that 80% of the profession sampled had made improvements towards compliance and that over 50% were compliant under each of the 5 headings considered. Encouragingly, 91% of the notaries investigated were now providing important regulatory information to consumers. 

The full report can be viewed here: Spot Check (Price Information).

Where the notaries investigated were considered to still be non-compliant or only partially compliant, they will be contacted by the Faculty Office and asked to update the information on their websites within a set timeframe. The Faculty Office will aim to carry out further checks in the future and reviews of websites are conducted when a notary is inspected.