Congratulations to Charles George QC

The Faculty Office congratulate Charles George QC on the award by the Archbishop of Canterbury of the Canterbury Cross for Services to the Church of England “For his unique contribution to the application and development of ecclesiastical law”. Charles George was the Master of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury (in charge of the Faculty Office and the regulation of notaries in England and Wales and in various overseas jurisdictions, and also in the issuing of Special Licences and various other matters) from 2009 until 2020. Many influential reforms were carried out during his tenure and leadership, including the advent of an on-site inspection regime for notaries. He never failed to take a pragmatic, undogmatic, learned and highly researched approach to issues of regulation. So as well as congratulating Charles George, in the words of the citation, for his work in the field of ecclesiastical law, mainly as Dean of the Arches and Auditor (the two highest ecclesiastical judicial offices) and as an ex-officio member of the General Synod and various other bodies and earlier as a diocesan chancellor, the Faculty Office wish to associate the award also with his hard and valuable work in the field of marriage licences and notarial regulation over more than a decade.